Applicaiton approved !


We receive around 900 applications every month and yours was one of just 10-ish that we’ve selected for this week to give the green light to. The only thing we ask is that, if you like the website, that you provide us with a testimonial once it’s done as that’ll help us get the word out about what we do.

To start, watch this short video from my colleague John Miles. He’ll explain the steps we’ll take to build you an attractive, mobile-friendly WordPress website:

Click on the video below.

Once you’ve watched that video, the next step is to sign up for web hosting. Web hosting is the server on which your website sits, and it’s the only thing you’ll need to pay for in order to have a website on the internet (you can’t have a website without hosting, in other words).

To take advantage of our free-website offer, we just ask you to sign up for the same web host we use, Bluehost, using our affiliate link (which also has a special discounted rate for our clients). We don’t charge anything for building you a website; we just get a small commission when you sign up to Bluehost, which helps cover some of our costs.

Watch our short video on why Bluehost is a great hosting option, and how to sign up.

Click on the video below.