Duplica el potencial de crecimiento de tu sitio web agregando un segundo lenguaje


If your website is in only one language (English, for instance), you’re missing out on a whole world of potential customers who speak a different native language. You’re also losing out on prime opportunities to rank highly on Google in other languages, where the traffic can be high but competition is much lower.


Having a website in multiple languages is hugely important for getting ranked higher on Google and maximizing your traffic. It’s also what nearly all major websites do, allowing them to reach audiences who speak a range of different languages.   

As Neil Patel, probably the world’s leading expert in SEO, writes

Do you want to see a massive increase in traffic? Of course you do.

The easiest way to do this is to optimize your SEO for different languages and countries. The international market for your content is huge, and remember: most of the world doesn’t speak English.

If you’re only targeting English speakers based in your country, you’re missing out on a huge audience.

With this service, we set up your website to be in a second language of your choice. To do this, we’ll duplicate all your website files and build a second homepage for you at a domain like yourwebsite.com/es (for Spanish speakers) or yourwebsite.com/fr (for French speakers). Visitors will click a button in the top-right of your website to easily access this second site.

All you’ll need to do at this point is translate the content. If you need help with this, we can assist with Spanish translation for $10/page. For other languages, Fiverr is a good resource.