Paquete de Reporte SEO y Optimización (Plan Mensual)


Having a great website is the first step, but what are you doing to get traffic? SEO (or “Search Engine Optimization”) is the science of moving up in the rankings on Google so that your website gets traffic.

The truth is that it’s all about SEO.

And having the support of some coding wizards to help you can be hugely valuable. That’s why we offer our SEO Reporting & Optimization Package to help you track and optimize your website’s SEO performance. Here’s what we provide:

  • A monthly report of your website’s SEO performance
    • Top ranking keywords
    • Extensive traffic analysis
    • Top traffic sources (by country, device, referral source, etc)
    • Page speed analysis for both desktop and mobile
  • A detailed monthly SEO audit
    • Identifying page errors
    • Addressing speed issues and image compression problems
    • Correcting broken sitemaps
  • Fixing critical on-site SEO errors (up to 5 hours of developer time)

The technical aspect of SEO isn’t always easy to fix, and having the support of a senior web developer can be a godsend. That’s why besides providing you with an extensive monthly SEO report, we’ll log up to 5 hours of development time (value: $250) each month helping you fix critical SEO issues that are undercutting your performance on Google and other search engines.