Lead Magnet Setup


Collecting email addresses is one of the most important functions a website serves. This’ll allow you to retarget your visitors via email after they leave your website with information about your products and services.

A “lead magnet” is the tool that digital marketing-savvy website owners user to collect email addresses. We’ll help you to set one up.

It’s critical to collect the email addresses of people who visit your website. Otherwise, you have no way of retargeting them, marketing to them, or engaging with them in any way. Unless they contact you (which’ll be less than 5% of your website’s visitors), you’re losing valuable potential clients.

A “lead magnet” is the tool that many websites use to collect email addresses. It usually takes the form of a pop-up, or an embedded or drop-down message that asks visitors to leave their email address in exchange for a PDF, a free consultation, or something else they might find valuable.

Here’s a good example of an effective lead magnet (source: iWorker).


We’ll help to set up a lead magnet on your site, advise you as to what type of lead magnet to have (based on your business and your sales goals), and then link it up to the email marketing software of your choice (MailChimp, AWeber, ConstantContact, etc).

One of the biggest mistakes that business owners make when setting up their websites is not to set up a lead magnet and collect email addresses. But building an email list is a key step to having an effective digital marketing strategy!